Our Organization

Welcome to New Amsterdam Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom Inc. aka NASF3

New Amsterdam Science Fiction & Fantasy Fandom sponsored the first HELIOsphere 2017. This unique New York City area convention debuted this past March. Our next convention, HELIOsphere 2018 will be held March 9-11 in Tarrytown, NY

We are the parent organization that hosts a yearly convention for fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  Our event, HELIOsphereny.org  2018, features a diverse and entertaining group of people highlighted by our Guests of Honor. The aim of our organization is not only to present a successful annual Science Fiction convention, we also want to serve as a home for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans and organized Sci-Fi fandom in the greater NYC area.
We are now in our second year and very excited about things to come.
We also organize and attend local events with our members and friends, such as author readings, board game nights and social activities.

New Amsterdam Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom Inc. is an IRS 503 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.
The Board of Directors: Gabi Morel (President) Liz Crefin (Vice President) Mark Richards (Secretary) Wrenn Simms (Treasurer) with Mary Catelynn Cunningham, Ken Winter and Tara Walsh serving as Members-At-Large.

We also appointed Catelynn as Chair of HELIOsphere 2019.